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Minimize personal and corporate income taxes while maximizing your corporate after-tax profit with sarmayegan member firm strategy and implementation. From initial negotiation to filed appeal for audit or reassessment, sarmayegan member firms provide comprehensive defense without charging more time.

Tax Accounting and Tax Advisory Services (expat tax advice)

Tax Accounting and Tax Advisory Services (expat tax advice):
Providing our clients with an accurate and fair tax audit to make sure the tax return has been deducted in comply with laws and regulations. We also help our clients to overcome the difficulties of complicated tax systems, by providing them with the right advising and showing them the solutions to make sure they are on the right path preventing unintentional errors.



Sarmayegan as independent accounting and consulting firm has served the business community with a comprehensive range of professional services. Thoroughly attuned to the issues and challenges facing today’s business owners, we anticipate your needs and provide timely, accurate advice and services tailored to your particular situation.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide services that simplify both your business’ finances and your personal life, so you can concentrate on more important matters – like running your business. Through a unique combination of experience, expertise, relationships and resources, we carefully watch over your financial future, providing you with customized solutions that enable you to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities and achieve greater success.

With Sarmayegan, you will enjoy strategic business and tax planning that will allow you to move confidently forward in today’s often-tumultuous business environment. Our experienced team of accountants and bookkeepers promptly and personally delivers quality accounting services in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We will help you meet and exceed your professional and personal financial goals. We provide comprehensive services unique to the individual’s needs. We tailor our services based upon your needs.

Special areas of the firm’s expertise include:


As we all know, a business cannot manage what it does not measure. We work with you to develop financial measurement systems to help you manage your business.

Meaningful, well-organized financial records help ensure efficient daily operations and constitute the foundation of a successful business. Our qualified staff can assist you with all your day-to-day accounting needs.

Strong internal controls are essential to protecting your business’ assets. We can assess what controls you already have in place and make experienced recommendations to safeguard your business against embezzlement and fraud.


working closely with you, we develop both interim and annual financial statements tailored to your specific needs. Designed to serve as effective management tools to guide you on a course of profitability and sound fiscal management, these statements can serve as effective management tools. We are also able to provide our foreign clients with the financial statements based on IFRS.



Even profitable businesses can experience cash-flow constraints. We can forecast and evaluate your company’s financial condition, estimate financing requirements, and track cash flow sources and uses.


Even the most qualified business owners and managers can benefit from competent, objective feedback. We can help you develop long-term objectives and specific strategies to facilitate your business’ future growth and success.

Working in concert with your bank, we can provide them with the reliable, quality information they require to grant both personal and business loans. As the loan process unfolds, we can ensure that all the bank’s questions are thoroughly answered, creating confidence in your business and facilitating a successful loan.

We assist our clients in the start-up of new business ventures, making sure that the necessary filings are completed and that all initial accounting is correctly prepared most importantly we help ensure you have peace of mind during the early stages of your new endeavor.

We provide other services not listed here. Please contact us to see how we can most be of service to you.
Some vital advice From Head of the firm to current and potential foreign investors in Iran
as an Accounting and Tax Consulting services firm, we have had the privilege to advise and guide many businesses both owned by foreigners and Iranians over years. Since our foundation, we have seen many foreign investors who have ventured their assets in Iran to gain profit but unfortunately, after a few years they failed to achieve their goals and had to leave. Because either they didn’t know about our tax incentives or their books were not correctly prepared and submitted to the Authorities. However, those foreign investors who placed confidence in us –Sarmayegan– not only have been able to succeed in their businesses by getting intelligent advice on Iran’s investment regulations and our tax incentives so that their businesses have thrived. But also they have been able to save huge amounts on Taxes due to our completely legal advice. Mr. Mehdi Moradi as head of the Firm with more than 29 years of experience in taxes and financial related services has been able to earn many reputable companies’ trust and gratitude for his precise and sincere services. We will be much obliged if we earn your trust as well.

Moradi Mehdi 



Accountant& Head of Accounting & Financial Manager with +27 years of Professional Experience


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